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The Inspiration Behind The Imaginarium...

As the Mother of two little girls, aged 6 & 9, I watch them growing closer to being young ladies every passing day. As much as it thrills me to see the amazing human beings they are becoming it saddens me to think that someday they will no longer believe in the magic and enchantment of Christmas. With this realisation I decided I needed to do something to keep this magical and captivating feeling of Christmas alive in our homes for as long as possible.

In our home, we are ardent subscribers to all things magical and wondrous, including Santa, Elf on the Shelf, Cupid, Tooth Fairy and Tooth Mouse, the Easter Bunny and even a Christmas Beetle named Harry that runs errands for Santa.
These traditions, though small or determined by some to be silly definitely help keep a little magic in our daily lives and remind us to keep having fun.

The rest of the fantastical creatures aside, a massive part of our families Christmas tradition is for our Elf on the Shelf, as one last antic, to gift a Christmas Eve surprise to each of the girls and this has proven beyond a doubt to have left cherished and lasting memories over the years.

Aside from what Christmas means in a Christian narrative I feel this is the perfect season for pure imagination and ‘make believe’ while setting the trend for future family traditions.

- Carie Meeser

The Imaginarium


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